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Holiday Fox


Product Designer 


Sept  - Nov 2021 

Image by Lance Anderson
In September 2021 I had the opportunity of working at Holiday Fox within the Partner team. I worked in an agile environment on upcoming products and tools as part of a major redesign of the whole platform.

Current homepage designed by fellow designer Jorge Garcia de Marina

Some of my contributions

  • Audited the current Holiday Fox Partner experience on web and conceptualized several solutions to enhance the user experience.

  • Conducted contextual research on current competitors where I observed current solutions in the marketplace for lodging, primarily vacation rentals and tourism activities.

  • Collaborated with PM, designers and developers to establish goals and created tools for the future of Holiday Fox. 

  • Explored different solutions through sketching and brainstorming and then proceeded to create user flows, concept sketches and high-level mockups that I delivered to my team.

  • Utilized existing UI components to improve current designs.


It's not personal

Designers can get easily attached to their designs. It's important to attentively listen to different opinions and seek after the whys and hows of stakeholders' thought processes. This resonated with me early on and made me distance myself from my designs when iterating based on feedback.

What about the other users?

I learned the constraints of designing for users with very reduced tech skills, this reinforced the value of inclusive thinking and made me rethink my initial assumptions

Design is a never-ending process

Continuous delivery is essential for product teams to work efficiently and deliver a product that resonates with users. I learned that designs aren't meant to be 'finished' they should be able to adapt and grow with the business and user needs. Bringing everyone into the process means there is always something new to be found.

Due to contractual obligations, I am unable to disclose more details about the projects.  Please feel free to contact me at for a chat about my other work

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